Lumos ft. Benefit Cosmetics

Not all of us are born with a stunning bone structure (except NamaSlay’s Grishma Dalvi of course) or Kim Kardashian’s make up artist to at least make us look like we are. Nor do we live in Hogwarts to have our own wand and yell Lumos! (at least not to our faces). And that sucks. So then we decided to make lemonade (just like Beyoncé taught us to) when life gave us lemons and made up our mind to master this strobing jazz. After a few days of contemplating and watching millions of youtube videos and reading countless reviews, we felt a little bit confident that we might just be able to strobe ourselves to perfection. Money saved, store located and hearts set, we went ahead and got ourselves Benefit’s Watt’s Up. NamaSlay’s Karishma has always been a fan of Benefit, so this just added to her already little huge collection of Benefit cosmetics. For a little above Rs. 4,500, we decided to give this a try even though it hurt our pockets just a little bit.watts-up-whyweloveit-2

Watt’s Up’s cream to powder highlighter comes in a cute a*s orange box with a manual inside on how to use it, and promises to give the perfect strobe. The luminous champagne highlighter glides easily onto the cheekbones, nose and brow bones and made us look turnt AF.  We both felt like we got an instant face-lift after using this highlighter.

How To Use: Glide Benefit’s watt’s up, where the sun would normally touch the face to highlight: cheekbones, brow-bones (under the arches), down the bridge of the nose, and the cupid’s bow.

Next, sculpt with its soft glow blender to lift and contour the face.
It can be applied solo or over existing makeup.

As tempted as we were, we refrained from using a bronzer and these were the results:

From one friend to another, these unadulterated thoughts and non-retouched photos add to our views:

Grishma Dalvi: What I liked most about Benefit Watts up gives you a highlight so strong, you will be visible from outer space! I had my doubts about this product because after trying out an array of highlighters that absolutely didn’t work for me, Benefit`s Watts up was like a breath of fresh air. It glides on smoothly and is extremely blend-able. Other highlighters out there don’t really work for the Indian skin tone as they are too light and give you a whitish ghostly cast (not a good look). Watts up compliments the Indian skin tone beautifully. It has a cream to powder finish, and lasts all day long. It gives you the most gorgeous glow without looking oily or shiny. Benefit really hit a home run with this one. Better save up cause it don’t come cheap! I’d give it a rating of 4.5/5 .

Karishma Shah: I honest to God am obsessed with Benefit because it just works wonders for my skin. From my face balm (Dr. Feel Good) and foundation (Hello Flawless) to the cult favorite Benetint& my best brow buddy Gimme Brow, I think I own almost everything from Benefit so getting Watt’s Up was inevitable. Benefit is known for it’s highlighters and even though I had the Sun Beam, what I love about Watt’s Up apart from the fact that its easy to carry is that its even easier to apply and smudge. Its extremely build-able but just a couple of strokes is all you need. It completes my make up routine and I always have it on whenever my skin looks dull and needs Photoshop and/or brightness. It just makes my skin feel fresh & look super dewy (deal with that, Kim). I’d rate this product a 4.5/5 since it hurt my wallet a little bit.



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