How To Master Light Layering Like A Pro

Summer and layering don’t exactly go together like florals for spring but we have figured out ways you can incorporate this styling technique in your everyday life without feeling the heat!  One of the key points to remember while layering is using the right fabrics for it, so light and flowy fabrics are your best friends. Make your outfit scream summer by opting for bright colours. Keep your makeup to the minimum to prevent it from melting off your face. Lastly do not forget to hydrate(because we care) Now without any further adieu here’s  our take on it!



Karishma Shah: Usually I’m not someone who wears bright colours or a lot of prints. My entire wardrobe is mostly black, white, grey, shades of blue and a lot of neutral colours. I love sweatshirts and probably have one in each colour. But I decided to experiment this time after looking at the Vajor dress and an old yellow linen jacket that I had forgotten about. What I love about layering is that it can instantly change and/or build an outfit making it extremely individualistic. Considering, Mumbai summers can get pretty hot (we touched 40 guys!) we decided to layer using fabrics that are perfect for summer like linen or soft lightweight cottons. I love that little pop of colour that the jacket added to an otherwise completely printed outfit and broke the monotony. It’s so unlike me to wear something like this but I’ve become a fan of the balloon dress from Vajor.


Here Namaslay’s Grishma Dalvi layered her outfit to take it from day to night. By just throwing the jacket over your shoulder instead of wearing it , prevents you from feeling hot and  adds extra chic points to your outfit. To take this outfit from day to night..simply ditch the jacket!  This can prove to be such a life saver if you don’t have the  time on your hands to get changed before you head out for the night. Also we at Namaslay are a big believer of getting the maximum use out of your clothing…so implementing such techniques does increase the wearability  of the pieces you already have…You can also throw on a black blazer and pair it with some black pumps  for another time and no one will even notice its the same dress (you’re welcome!)


Another fun and effortless way of incorporating layering, is to simply layer your neck pieces! Here Grishma layers on a gold choker with another gold necklace, this is not only easy to do but it instantly elevates your outfit.  Take your basic tee/ ganji to the next level by layering necklaces. If you need baby steps before you go all in on this trend, this is the way to go.





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