Monsoon Mondays ft. Accessories

Cloudy skies, long drives in the rain and the fresh smell of damp earth; what’s not to love about the rains? Apart from obviously potholes, traffic jams and those giant plastic raincoats. Seriously, who wants to enter a restaurant looking bomb AF and holding a raincoat or an ugly umbrella in hand? So we at NamaSlay came up with tried and tested ways to still have fun with your outfit without the monsoon raining on your parade.


Grishma: Although it’s hard for me to say bye to my stilettos, fashion has to be functional. But these G-Studio rainy shoes have become my new favourite! They are extremely versatile and give me that much needed grip. It comes in a block heel design making it the perfect rainy shoe for anyone wanting a lil bit of a heel.

Karishma: Everyone who knows me or has even met me knows that I have really tiny feet and sometimes have to slyly take a stroll in Zara kids and look for shoes that are my size and don’t make me look like a kid. Every rainy season, when all my friends are wearing cool monsoon shoes, I’m either wearing yucky flip flops or staying at home so that I don’t have to spoil my few precious pairs. But when I stumbled upon these white shoes in my size, I didn’t think about the weather and just bought them, hoping not to regret later. I thanked my stars when these white shoes were not only a perfect fit but also remained white and squeaky clean, proving to be an absolute saviour!




If you are anything like us, your entire wardrobe consists of black, white, grey, navy and more black. Opting for a fun print in a poppy colour like NamaSlay’s Grishma is guaranteed to give your outfit LIFE this season. But if you’re more like Karishma, either get drenched or go for an all over print in a darker colour.IMG_8217



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