Mu(n)ch Better With Snackible

If you believe in following your heart but it keeps leading you to the fridge then, you are what we call a “serial snacker”. There’s a good chance you’re in denial or a closet serial snacker, here are a few tell tale signs that’ll out you:

  1. If your answer to “How do you like your eggs?” is “In a cake.”
  2. For you WTF stands for “Where’s the food?”
  3. If your always mood is OMNOMNOM.
  4. If you believe that being “hangry” is an emotion because you feel it deep in your soul.
  5. If you dont mean to gain weight but it happens on “snaccident”

If you’re looking to avoid such “snaccidents” and trying to adopt healthy snacking into your diet then let me introduce you to your new best friend Snackible.

image1 (25)

Snackible delivers healthy and delicious snacks right to your doorstep,anywhere in India!

We were beyond excited to receive it in the mail! We at Namaslay love the idea of eating clean and healthy but arent big fans of eating fruits or raw veggies when we just want something to munch on. So yummy snacks minus the calories to us is what dreams are made of. The box contained a variety of packets like Cream and Onion Wholewheat thins, Herbs and Cheese Makhana, Wasabi Makhana, Okra and Sweet patato chips and Oatmeal Stroop Waffels.

image1 (28)

All of these snacks are low calorie,high protien and low fat,created by their food innovation team, and they add approximately 2 new snacks every month. Each snack is made combining wholesome, high quality ingredients along with unique combinations and flavours to deliver a delicious and healthy snacking experience.

Grishma absolutely loved the Okra and Sweet patoto chips  and Cream and onion thins while Karishma was obsessed with the Wasabi & Herbs and Cheese Makhana. All of the snacks were really yummy and filling, plus the size of the packets are just perfect to carry with you on the go.

What we also loved is that they have included items like the Oatmeal Stroop Waffle to cater to your sweet tooth. The fact that it gets delivered to you just makes being healthier that much easier. We really urge you to give it a try.

To place your order, you can head to; they’ll have the snacks delivered right to your doorstep or WhatsApp them at 9930871199 or call them to place your order.

We at Namaslay are absolutely in love with Snackible and cannot wait to order some more snacks again. NamaSlay approved!


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