Beauty Sleep Ft. Kama Ayurveda

Countless studies have been made on why sleep is extremely important for our body. From healing and regenerating your cells to making your mind and body sharper and stronger, sleeping has so many effects on your body as well as your skin. We make our bodies prone to so much stress throughout the day that a good night’s sleep is all we crave for. And somehow, we still take sleeping for granted. Most of us opt for quick fixes in the morning, like a cup of coffee to make up for the fact that we haven’t gotten enough sleep. The amount of money we have spent on under eye concealers and under eye creams is probably higher than the GDP of a small country. Sleeping not only helps us generate enough energy for the next day but als0 helps our cells go into overdrive and help repair the damage that it dealt with throughout the day (pollution, UV rays, etc.). Considering our cells anyway do this for us, why not help them out by feeding them with the stuff they need to improve the entire process and make our healing process a little easier? Dark circles, puffy eyes, oily skin, pigmentation and broken sleep are some of our worst nightmares and we would go high and low to avoid them all. NamaSlay’s Karishma, a sleepoholic, could sleep for upto 12 hours just to avoid this. Having a night time beauty regime not only helps the entire healing process but the 5-10 minutes of silence and pampering is all you need for a literal beauty sleeps. We decided to go for Kama’s night care regime that comes in a beautiful box (YAS!) that promises to rejuvenate skin and promote cell growth to name a few. The box consists of a rose and jasmine face wash which smells like heaven, a toner which makes us feel fresh AF and a night cream that makes our faces shine brighter than our light bulb.


When we first tried the Rose and Jasmine face wash, all we could think of was how it gave us major princess vibes. The clear face wash promises to reduce fine lines, rejuvenate skin and promote skin suppleness left our skin feeling fresh and the fragrance put us into the perfect stress free mood to help us start our day better.Sleeping with last night’s makeup on is a big no no as you not only end up waking up looking like Miss Havisham but it also disrupts the entire healing process. No matter how late we come back or how tired we are, the least we should do is remove all traces of it. Karishma loves how her face felt softer and fresher right after she washed it and the fact that it also removed make up which was a bonus.


The Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream is what dreams are made of! Infused with precious and rare ingredients like Saffron,Aloe Vera, Liquorice and Indian Madder to name a few.The night cream smells so incredible thanks to the Saffron in it that we would just recommend buying it for the smell alone! Besides smelling like absolute heaven it works wonders for reducing dark circles and it does add a visible glow to your skin. What we were really impressed by is that it has Liquorice in it that acts as an antiseptic protecting our skin from bacterial and fungal infections. All you need is a tini-tiny amount of this cream (a little goes a long way), just slap it on your face and relax and let it do the work for you! You will wake up with baby soft skin and then you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee and then you’re off to cease the day!

image1 (29).JPG

Kama Ayurveda’s Rosewater is what we absolutely urge you to try out. It comes in a spray bottle which is so genius! It makes using it so easy completely eliminating the hassle of using cotton pads. You can just carry it in your bag and just spray it on your face to just freshen you up or you can also use it after you have washed your face. As rosewater is a natural astringent, it balances and restores skin’s pH levels so it works beautifully as a toner!


Overall, the 5 to 7 minutes we spent on this entire process really paid off. We’ve started waking up feeling fresh, without dark circles or a trace of oil on our face and have dreams of being pampered like princesses back in time. This is the stuff that beauty sleep is made of! Let us know what your regime is and how long you spend on it! You can buy the entire night care beauty regime range or individual products online or in case you want to test them out, step int0 their stores for an ayurvedic consultation as well!





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