White Noise Ft. Nida Mahmood

On a gloomy Sunday morning, at about 6 am, we opted to take a stroll in the city in our heels instead of our usual cab ride, which we realized later wasn’t the smartest of ideas. However, after some sole searching, we got to experience a different side of Mumbai. This city has always been so lively and there never seems to be a dull moment. From it’s colourful festivals to it’s colourful people, we seem to rush through our days just like we rush through signals, never pausing or even slowing down when it’s yellow. Walking through these narrow lanes on a sleepy Sunday morning showed us the quieter, calmer side to the otherwise noisy city. The fog seemed to cast a spell on the city and lulled it’s human, canine & feline inhabitants to sleep. The only sound was from the early morning drizzle, the chaiwala’s on their cycles and 2 really excited girls (not really hard to guess, that was us). The world as we knew it, was asleep. But we were smart enough to know that it was the calm before the storm.




Against it’s 50 (or so) shades of grey backdrops, we decided to add a hint of colour. From casual strolls in comfy cardigans & Adidas Superstars to dangerously curvy dresses & towering heels, these outfits reminded us of the city itself and it’s colourful history. Drawing inspiration from the intricate lines, vibrant hues & puzzle-like patterns in the clothes as well as the skyline of our beloved city, these outfits & heels are an ode to the controlled madness that both the designer Nida Mahmood & Mumbai seem to have mastered.



But then again, the only thing that’s constant is change. So just as quickly as our local trains (no sarcasm, we swear) the city transformed into it’s usual crowded and somewhat curious self; everyone just stopping for a brief second to observe 2 sleepy girls getting clicked in the middle of the street. Say what you want, go where you will, but there will always be something that will bring back memories of growing up in these lanes and we’re all about that nostalgia!






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