Pataka ft. Param Sahib

As a kid, Diwali was our favourite thing in the whole wide world, only second to our birthday of course! Diwali meant a long vacay, waking up late, new clothes, decorating the house, lots of dinners and lots of crackers, which admittedly, are most of our favourite things. So this year, we decided to not burst patakas and just be one instead! We decided to ditch the Indian pieces altogether and add our own meaning to the entire ‘indo western’ trend. Param Sahib’s kitsch Indian wear was exactly what we needed. His love of illustrations and vibrant colours and translated beautifully into his neo-Indian wear, which we have to agree gave us some major inspo! We decided to take one piece of clothing from his collection and style it with a piece of our favourite western pieces.

The result of Grishma’s love for lehengas and turtleneck body con tops was this lovechild. Who knew you’d get a completely different outfit by replacing your average blouse? Perfect for: The Big Fat Diwali Dinner.


Karishma’s love for shirt dresses and her ability (read: obsession) to wear it for any and every occasion was the reason for this outfit! The grey hand made blouse was absolute LOVE and this entire outfit just looked like it was made for her! Perfect for: Diwali Dinner with the fam.


Grishma’s love for layering is what made the simple jeans and black top stand out! If Kim Kardashian was attending a Diwali Party, we think it would look like this. Perfectly draped around your shoulder or worn as it is like a kurta, there’s so much room for experimentation and to make it your own! Perfect for: The Didn’t Have Time To Change type of party.


This white shirt is what the Diwali spirit looks like! The sparkly colourful sprinkles and gold patterns on the side is the embodiment of Diwali! Pair it with the straight legged pants like Karishma did or a skirt, the possibilities are endless with this one. Perfect for: Diwali at Work.






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