Boho Luxe ft. Gulaal

Ruby Rose Meets The Desi Girl-Next-Door.

We at NamaSlay are always on a look out for versatile outfits that reflect our easy going personalities as well as work out for different occasions. So when we stumbled upon these beautiful kalamkari printed outfits from Gulaal, we knew we needed them! Karishma fell head over heels in love with the black Rajasi dress the second she saw it. Not only is the dress beautiful AF, but it super comfy and looks downright royal when paired with oxidised jewellery .


img_9160The flare is big and wide, perfect for dancing at a friend’s mehendi and the cut gives the waist a super slimming effect, which is perfect for hoarding on to those yummy mithais guilt free.  Whether it’s a formal family diwali dinner  or a distant relative’s wedding, ditch the lehenga or salwar you’ve worn to death and opt for these multi purpose pieces that can garner innumerable likes from your boho loving friend as well as the sanskaari aunty next door.

If you hit the clubs more often than weddings but still need to conjure up a reason to buy these beautiful pieces, fear not. We know EXACTLY what’s going to get you on the best street style lists at music festivals. Hint: It’s this. There are so many ways to style this dress and one of the easiest way to do so is to pair it with your leather jacket and leather boots. Whether you experiment with sick headgears or wear it with lennons, this dress has endless possibilities to be worn.



If you’re a Boho girl or just looking to experiment we recommend checking out where you can find more treasures like this black rajasi dress used in this post!




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