Love Is In The Air

Your Ultimate Last-Minute Guide To Gifting This Valentine’s Day.

Every year during the month of February there seems to be lightness in the air. Everyone becomes extra sweet. There’s a slight bounce in your step. Roses seem redder. Even that f boy seems to be nice to you. And you know exactly why. With valentine’s day just around the corner, even though that one feminist type friend or the hipster friend you have will be celebrating valentine’s day in their own special way by throwing an Anti Valentine’s Day party.

However, if you are one of those who is head over heels with their SO and has still not really decided what to gift them, here are a few of our picks for every type of person! Continue reading


Summer Styling: Casual Sunday Vibes

We’ve seen them on every fashion influencer and street style gurus, on runways and on jet setting models. It has become an essential airport/model off-duty piece. We’ve cashed out our savings to buy a pair & fit in with the cool kids but have also dealt with criticism from annoying relatives who have said “Iske liye itne paise? Main toh free main karke deti lol!”. We’ve also definitely not found that remotely funny but often stopped to actually think why a single tattered pair of denims that sometimes looks like it was found in a really old closet can be that expensive. Continue reading

Divini-Tea ft. Gardner Street Co.

Tea has been an essential part of everyone’s daily routine. It’s become like an unsaid family member and has been the solution to every imaginable problem. Lots of guests over? Serve tea. Feeling sick? Have ginger tea. Finally got a work break? Head to your tapri wala and have a cutting. Raining outside? Snuggle up with a nice warm cup of tea. Can’t sleep? Have a cup of chamomile tea. Want to lose weight? Have green tea. Boy coming over to see you? Serve tea. 

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