Divini-Tea ft. Gardner Street Co.

Tea has been an essential part of everyone’s daily routine. It’s become like an unsaid family member and has been the solution to every imaginable problem. Lots of guests over? Serve tea. Feeling sick? Have ginger tea. Finally got a work break? Head to your tapri wala and have a cutting. Raining outside? Snuggle up with a nice warm cup of tea. Can’t sleep? Have a cup of chamomile tea. Want to lose weight? Have green tea. Boy coming over to see you? Serve tea. 

Whether it’s stress related, sickness or just a case of being sanskaari, tea has literally been a silent saviour. With so many types of teas and innumerable health benefits, it’s easy to be spoilt for choice. Karishma is a huge tea fanatic and loves collecting different types of tea which are sometimes either too expensive or difficult to find. So when she stumbled upon Gardner Street, she was in love; both with the fact that they come in silken tea bags and not those bleached out unhealthy paper bags and also the costing! They sent over 3 from their 3 different ranges to a much delighted Karishma to be reviewed. 


From their signature collection, the sent over Moroccan Mint which is a caffeine-free blend. This fresh and sweet tea may transform you to a luxurious Moroccan city because of its taste, but that’s not the only thing it does. It’s a saviour for women suffering from PCOS as it corrects hormonal imbalance. Whether you have arthritis, are trying to lose weight or fighting depression (stay strong!) this tea has a lot of calming and healthy benefits for a nominal price. 


Next up was their South African rooibus loose tea from their luxury collection which has been Karishma’s favourite ever since she visited South Africa for a month. This fragrant tea is red in colour and is packed with health benefits. It’s great for people suffering from insomnia, headaches, asthma, eczema, hypertension, allergies, acne AND PREMATURE AGEING! Not only that, it strengthens bones and is capable of curing cancer and heart diseases ( you read that right!). It’s a great bedtime brew which will surely make you sleep like a baby. 


She was the most excited for the Glow Tea from their wellness range as it promised to give clear, glowing skin! As a going-to-be bride, Karishma would go to any lengths to fight damage caused by pollution and lose weight which is what this tea does. This fruity tea slows down the ageing process (yay!), tightens skin and improves the scalp and hair health. 


All these herbal and green teas are made from whole and natural ingredients which means they are most effective and provide maximum health benefits. They come in either pyramid tea bags as they give more more room to the tea to swirl, steeping the best flavour or come in loose form. Unsweetened and therapeutic, each of the tea they offer on their website come with individualistic health benefits and in really cute tin boxes. They are not only good for the body and mind but also for the taste buds and the pocket. They prove to be amazing wedding gifts and also help you follow your resolution! Check out their new website here and follow their Instagram for some amazing inspiration!

P.S. To get a flat 10% off enter NEWME10 in the promo code while checking out! Don’t forget to share a snap on instagram with #TeaWithGS & #NamaSlayLovesGS!



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