Summer Styling: Casual Sunday Vibes

We’ve seen them on every fashion influencer and street style gurus, on runways and on jet setting models. It has become an essential airport/model off-duty piece. We’ve cashed out our savings to buy a pair & fit in with the cool kids but have also dealt with criticism from annoying relatives who have said “Iske liye itne paise? Main toh free main karke deti lol!”. We’ve also definitely not found that remotely funny but often stopped to actually think why a single tattered pair of denims that sometimes looks like it was found in a really old closet can be that expensive.

After a little research about the infamous and much loved ripped jeans, we found out that this wasn’t a byproduct of a machine error gone wrong. Ripped jeans were extremely famous in the late 1980s during the hard rock/heavy metal era and in the 1990s and 2000s during the grunge era. It made a comeback in 2000s and proved that its here to stay. From college kids to rappers and models, everyone has been irrevocably in love with the ripped jeans. Obviously, everyone has their own style and choice when it comes to the pair since there’s so much room to experiment. Karishma instantly fell in love with this gold rush top from Ninebox with gold detailing on the back and thought it was the perfect partner to the ripped denim jeans.




A sucker for versatility, she loves how this top can be the 1 piece you need to create different looks for different occasions. Here, she’s styled it and kept in extremely casual with her favourite pair of ripped jeans. NamaSlay’s Top Secret Styling Tip No. 1:Trade in your sneakers for a pair of vibrant of printed heels and some statement accessories for a Sunday brunch with friends.



NamaSlay’s Styling Tip No. 2: Take this top and denim combo from desk to drinks on a Friday buy tucking the top in and adding a jacket. This multi purpose top has a nice high neckline that is decent enough for work and a deep back with gold detailing that is perfect for a night out!





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