Love Is In The Air

Your Ultimate Last-Minute Guide To Gifting This Valentine’s Day.

Every year during the month of February there seems to be lightness in the air. Everyone becomes extra sweet. There’s a slight bounce in your step. Roses seem redder. Even that f boy seems to be nice to you. And you know exactly why. With valentine’s day just around the corner, even though that one feminist type friend or the hipster friend you have will be celebrating valentine’s day in their own special way by throwing an Anti Valentine’s Day party.

However, if you are one of those who is head over heels with their SO and has still not really decided what to gift them, here are a few of our picks for every type of person!

For the luxurious beauty lover: KAMA AYURVEDA

We have been head over heels in love with all the products that Kama makes ever since we featured them earlier. It’s been Karishma’s favorite brand for bridal beauty and both of us legit believe in what the brand stands for. So when we came to know that this Valentine’s day, Kama is coming for a series of decadent gift boxes designed for both Him & Her, we could not help but feature them here. Some of the options for these beautifully packed gift boxes are the Face care gift box for men and women, Madurai candle with brass holder, Signature essentials box for him and her, etc. These specially curated boxes include some of our favourite and their best selling products like the Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream, Pure Rosewater, Pure Vetiver Water, Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser and more.


Pricing: 450/- onwards

Availability: All Kama Ayurveda outlets in India and on their website here.

For the bag lover: SPADES OR CORTES

It’s a known fact that a lady can never have too many handbags (or shoes. Or make up. Or selfies). If your friend/girlfriend seems to have quite a few bags and shows no sign of stopping, why stop her now? With so many different shapes, sizes and colours, she surely couldn’t have had enough! Whether she’s a romantic by heart or a party girl, the cute heart shaped clutches from Spades are surely going to win you some extra brownie points.


Pricing: 850/- onwards

Availability: DM our good friend Rachel on Instagram here.

If you want to go the extra mile and get something as unique as your bae, head on over to cortés for beautiful, minimalistic bags and clutches that can be personalised.


Pricing: 1,500/- for customized bags with anything of your choice written on it and

Availability: Whatsapp our soul sister Saloni on 9987662088 or place an order on their instagram here.

For the chocolate lover: JUS LIKE THAT

How can it be Valentine’s Day without indulging in yummy, sinful chocolate? Just Like That is the new kid on the block that we have absolutely fallen in love with. Apart from the delectable choice of cakes, crunchy cookies and heavenly truffles, this Valentine’s day they have conjured up beautiful chocolate shoes for your Disney princess loving S.O. as well as a chocolate chess set that can be turned into a valentine game!


Price: Chocolates and tea cakes start at 350/- a piece. A box of assorted 9 chocolates starts at 650/-. Chocolate shoes are for 750/- and the Chess Set is for 1500/-

Availability: Call on 7666684715 to place orders and get delivery anywhere in India and visit their facebook page here.

For the stationary obsessed bae: ARTSY DESIGN CO.

In a time where we send out more voice notes and put up more snapchat stories than write, the art of letter writing is a distant memory. This valentine’s vow to ditch the mandatory valentine instagram selfie and go for something more personal. Even though you don’t get your usual 200 likes, you will however get that 1 like that really matters. This valentine’s, #UnFilter. With quirky and beautiful stationary like the ones on Artsy Design Co., it’s hard not to get inspired! Want to go the extra mile and treat your S.O. like the royalty they are? Opt for personalised stationary like this entire letter writing kit and Jules Verne will be asking you for tips on how to be romantic! Besides, if you do intend to take it up a notch, they also do fabulous wedding invites!


Price: Greeting Cards start at 250/-. Notebooks & planners are for 750/- . Their gift sets are for 3,200/-.

Availability: Reach them on Facebook here & check them out on scootsy.

For the Jewellery Lover: MICARE

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and there’s no doubt about that. Marilyn sang about it and we embraced it. With Micare’s beautiful earrings that look like little drops of heaven are sure to make her forget that they aren’t real. We would pick all these lovely combos if we were given the choice as for that price, they are a steal!Be sure to check out their entire collection and combos and don’t forget to stalk their instagram for envy inducing images!


Price: Earrings start from approximately 4,000/- and up.

Availability: Check out their special Valentine’s Day Combo here which are most def a bargain!

For the flower child: HOUSE OF FLOWERS BY MARRY ME

Nothing says I love you like flowers with a hand written note. Whether your S.O. likes a simple and classic bouquet of roses titled Some Like It Hot or a dreamy bundle like Karishma’s favourite Moonlight Sonata that is irresistibly romantic, there are so many options to choose from and in so many colours. The name may sound familiar as they are the same people behind the lovely Marry Me store in Candies Bandra (which you should also check out, BTW). All of these are hand tied and fresh and beautifully wrapped! We are swooning right now just by the thought of it!


Price: Bouquets start from 599/- and up

Availability: Check out their amazing website here.

For the artisanal food lover: SUSTENANCE

They say the first meal of the day is the most important one, so not share it with your S.O.? The artisan food company Sustenance, they design beautiful and elegant gifts featuring a range of all natural food items that are handcrafted and made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. What we love more is the fact that for every box they sell, they provide a meal for those in need! So you won’t just be making your S.O.’s day but also someone else’s! This Valentine’s day, they created a box which includes organic coffee, gluten free granola, salted caramel sauce, decadent hot chocolate mix, spiced plum jam, set of bowls and handcrafted spoons as well as a fresh and beautiful floral arrangement. If this is how we are going to wake up every day, then we wouldn’t mind waking up at all!


Price: Rs. 5,650/- for the beautiful Valentine’s Day box although their other equally amazing boxes start from 800/-.

Availability: Check their amazing website here & also check them out on scootsy.

For the Time Travel Lover: MOVIE AT MATTERDEN CFC

This beautifully reformed theatre which was earlier know as Deepak Cinema has been one of our favourite places to go for a movie! They regularly hold screenings for old classics at a nominal price as well as film festivals. We love the little café they have and the fact that you can have amazing coconut water instead of a coke! The entire place feels like you have taken a step back in time and it makes you want to stay there.


Price: Tickets usually start at 100/- but for a long time commitment, you can opt for a membership starting from 3,500/- a year where you get to see 1 free film every week, Invitations to special screenings and film festivals at discounted rates and 30% discount on Virtual reality products, DVDs and other film related products ranging higher.

Where: Lower Parel

For the Board Game Lover: CREEDA BOARD GAME CAFÉ

Ditch the cliché 5 star restaurant where you can’t pronounce half the things, are constantly worried if you have enough money to pay for the dessert, or what fancy thing to wear and be treated like you are one of them and how much to tip! We always feel like we are being constantly watched (maybe we aren’t) and how we should behave. As nice as they (occasionally) are, there’s something about being comfy in your sweats, laughing and yelling on the top of your lungs, all while having a yummy pizza and coffee with ice cream for dessert. Sure you can do all this anywhere but at Creeda, which has become Karishma’s favourite place off late, you can do all this while playing board games. It’s the perfect place to unwind and distract yourself from technology and REALLY spend time with your S.O., all while playing some of the 100 games they seem to have. What we love about this place is that everyone there teaches you each game and makes sure that you get the best out of it!


Price: 180/- per hour but if you’re going to be there for longer then it’s 500/- for the entire day. They also have half off on Tuesdays!

Where: Fort, near Sterling Theatre


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