Weekend Vibes Ft. Istri #OOTD

If there’s one thing we absolutely look forward to everyday; like everyone else, it would have to be the weekend! There’s no doubt that that’s the only time in the week where we get to laze around in the day and look like a drug dealer or dress the f up (make up, blow dry; the whole 9 nine yards) and look like we have been invited to some fancy restaurant opening. We’ve lived and gotten acquainted with both these parts, have an entire routine and scheduled planned on how long it takes for us from start to finish (Karishma takes a record breaking 15 minutes to get ready, with make up!). Yet however, we reach for the same old boring dress that we have worn to death. We decided it was time to change this and take it up a notch.

Karishma decided to wear this outfit from Istri for an evening out with a few friends and they all fell in love with it! She decided to style her outfit with grey tassel earrings and a bright red lip to not take away from the dress or to look out of place. Luckily, since it was a long dress, she decided to wear pretty flats instead of towering heels (if you know Karishma, you know she would do that anyway!) and opted for a simple blowout to keep the vibe casual. She loves how soft the fabric of this dress is and how comfortable she was throughout the evening and also the cutout sleeves just made the entire dress more interesting! We both also love how you can dress up or dress down this outfit!




We’ve already bid adieu to our boring dresses and are looking at bolder, brighter, prettier pieces. What about you?






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