Divas Hustle Hard

To quote our Queen Bee “A Diva is a female version of a Hustler.” Being a part of “Divas taking over the World Club” ourselves (not to be confused with the Illuminati) we understand every Diva’s need for all things glamorous yet functional and comfy. If you’re a Diva yourself keep on reading…

image1 (52)

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Brains, beauty, bad-ass determination and a little bit of Chemical X is what Divas are made of. Every Diva knows the importance of starting the day right and what better way to do that but in these beautiful satin robes from The Pink Elephant.

Put it on as you sing into your hairdryer in the morning as you get ready to slay the day or slip into it after a whole day of world domination to take off your makeup. A beautiful satin robe is every Divas must have and definitely makes you feel like a million bucks oops billion.

Grishma and Karishma opted for robes in the same print but different colours. Grishma opted for a baby pink , the colour of her soul while Karishma opted for a mint green, the colour of them dollar bills! (also personifying Blossom and Buttercup- Our animated avatars).

Karishma, being a blushing bride-to-be has found these robes to be quite the investment (being somewhat of a stock exchange giant, she can tell a good investment from a bad) as they can also be used as a cover up while you’re getting your hair and makeup done for the big day while not ruining your precious lehenga!

image1 (54)



All in all we really do recommend getting these robes from The Pink Elephant, not to mention they make for real cool instagram pictures too!

image2 (11)

image1 (56)





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