Tale As Old As Time ft. Hidesign

Disney has been a part of our lives since forever. The characters, the faraway lands, the princesses, their adventures, the nostalgic movies and Disney World have always been fascinating and a constant part of our life. Even today, we still watch every Disney flick that comes out. After what seemed like eternity, The Beauty & The Beast finally came out, with Emma Watson as Belle, Karishma jumped like a 5 year old who’s favourite Disney princess had actually come to life. So when we saw that Hidesign and Disney India had launched the ‘Enchanted’ collection paying homage to the movie, we allowed ourselves to sing, ‘Tale As Old As Time’. The range of leather handbags and wallets draws inspiration from the mesmerising movie and the enchanted castle staff and allowed us to slip back into our childhood and still be age appropriate. They have a lot of bags and wallets and we were spoilt for choice! Karishma chose a wine red purse that was playful, elegant and beautiful. She chose 3 different occasions and appropriate clothing and the purse seemed to go with each and every one, proving itself extremely versatile. The bag, even though small, has a lot of storage space making it perfect to take you from day to night or any occasion.

NamaSlay the Blog: Tale As Old As Time | Hidesign X Disney India bit.ly/2nqryQo

For the first look, she opted for a casual chic vibe and wore her favourite baby pink long oversized shirt dress. She styled it with a statement neckpiece, small gold studs and plain gold flats to compliment the gold chain on the bag and to keep the vibe casual and carefree. The entire outfit seemed to compliment all the key pieces without drawing too much attention away from anything. Karishma loves how even though rarely paired, red and pink seemed to work together seamlessly. This look is perfect for brunch with the girls or even a casual day out when you feel too bloated (oversized shirt dresses for president?).


For the second look, she decided to take it up a notch (or 2) by fully embracing and letting out her inner Belle herself. Belle has been Karishma’s favourite Disney princess because of their shared love of reading, adventures and that both are not born princesses (a girl can dream!). Belle is unconventional and doesn’t really care about what people thought about her, it just made her more mysterious! If Belle were a 21st century girl, her wardrobe would definitely have this beautiful yellow ruffled Zara dress with a flirty bow. Karishma styled hers with oversized earrings (her favourite) and nude heels, as any other colour would draw too much attention away from the dress (and also because these are 1. very comfy & 2. available in her size). She loves the high neck and open back with a bow and how the dress makes her appear thinner. This look is perfect for date night as it adds an element of mystery or even for a girl’s night out that involves a free cocktail at 2. She put this outfit (heels and all) to test when we went for MRP’s girls night (which is actually for 4 nights, from Monday to Thursday; rather than just 1 night).


Turns out, you can play dress up any age really with a little help. This bag just helped us re live our childhood with grace and elegance. Their new collection is out in stores right now so go ahead and show us how you would style yours!





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