Sleeping Beaut(ies) ft. Pink Elephant

It’s not really a secret that both of us absolutely love sleeping. We’ve mentioned in our previous posts how much Karishma can sleep and how precious Grishma’s beauty sleep is to her. Naturally, we try do abide by Bey’s words, “I woke up like this!” and look absolutely flawless in the morning. If not all the way, then at least we have our luxe night suits like these from Pink Elephant.

It’s a known fact that while we are sleeping, our body repairs itself and the damages caused during the day and other fascinating stuff that actually makes is the reason why we wake up looking flawless. Combining our love for beauty and sleep, every once in a while when we are traveling or just want to feel fancy, we bring out these night suits. We love how they are packed and how comfortable they are.

Grishma, who is a morning person, chose a bright and sunny yellow night suit to depict her bright and sunny personality in the yellow night suit. She loves wearing it not only while (beauty) sleeping but also for a KUWTK kinda day.She would probably live in these comfy yet cute outfits if it was possible to step out in these. Wouldn’t that be less stressful than picking a date outfit?


Karishma, who’s undoubtedly a nocturnal person, chose the dark and soothing midnight blue suit for her love of nighttime. She loves how glam and comfy these night suits which make them her favourite travel buddy. On days when it’s really cold, she throws on her cloud robe, which feels more like a warm hug making it perfect for cuddle weather!!


Both the night suits suit our personality to the T. Coincidence? We think not. Or maybe we do since we didn’t even realize how much our subconscious works while picking out something from the vast collection that pink elephant has (see our previous post on their lovely robes here). What we love about these night suits apart from the fact that they come with matching eye masks (yay) is that not only are they great for sleeping (duh!), chilling while watching TV or travelling, but they also make such great gifts! Their packing is absolutely to die for!

Untitled design


With so many options to choose from, we clearly were a little lost and spoilt for choices, but we managed to settle on these and we were so glad that we did! Although, we have major FOMO.





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