Bauble Head ft. Nine Vice

The fact that jewellery & accessories are a girl’s best friend is seriously under rated. It can make or break an outfit while building up your confidence and subliminally expressing your personality. We decided to test this out for this shoot. A simple pearl necklace can instantly make your outfit look classy; while a choker can depict that you’re definitely keeping up with the trends. Every girl has a favourite bauble that she absolutely can’t live without and feels incomplete without. For Karishma, it would be her big, Dolce & Gabbana inspired cross earrings which have to make an appearance on every shoot while for Grishma it’s chokers of any kind. We asked a couple of our friends too what was the one they couldn’t live without too. A friend of ours claims she absolutely cannot leave the house without her earrings as they make her feel ‘complete’ while Karishma’s fiancé refuses to leave his house without one of his 20- 25 watches.

Since this is our first blog post concentrating solely on jewellery, we decided to go for a brand that is classy yet young at heart and decided to shoot at our all time favourite, Grandmama’s Café (read our review about the parisian-chic place here!). Nine Vice is the brainchild of Anvita Aggarwal, who makes statement pieces which are stunningly beautiful and something we could identify with and instantly fell in love with. Her first collection, The Tales of Mohini depicts beautiful Indian courtesan sculptures through her exquisitely crafted pieces in earthy tones. Lady Rouge, her second collection is inspired by the infamous Moulin Rouge which perfectly immortalises the vivid colours, the glitz & the glamour through her stunning colourful pieces. Each piece of jewellery is meticulously detailed and truly mesmerising to watch and wear. It gives the wearer a sense of wearing something truly different and unique.

For Karishma’s first look, she decided to go all out and style her casual pink oversized shirt dress in a more refined, classy way with Nine Vice’s jewellery. She chose her bestseller colourful dancing girl earrings inspired by the dancers in Moulin Rouge that actually ‘dance’ when you move along with an elegant and dainty bracelet with a pop of fresh colours and a stunning hair pin that she wore as a neckpiece (versatile pieces = your new best friend!). The colourful pieces made the entire look made her look more elegant and young at heart, which makes it the perfect go-to look for brunch with your friends.


For Grishma’s first look, she opted for a muted orange blazer dress that she teamed with a gold choker with a knot on the side and dangling courtesan scupltures etched in brown citrines and purple amethysts from the first collection. The earthy neckpiece complimented the outfit and filled her neck up. This look is perfect for a casual business meeting where you have to dress to impress!


For Karishma’s second look, she opted for an all white (and gold) top and pants and teamed it up with a colourful moulin rouge broach and earrings with purple stone drops and pear strings. The white top played the perfect canvas and accentuated the colours of the accessories while keeping the entire look sober and sweet. The top too had gold detailing on this cuff with beautiful hand embroidered gold flowers on net that definitely had a mesmerising effect on Karishma. This look is perfect for a lunch time event or a casual fashion events.


Grishma chose a more coachella inspired approach for her second look by teaming a nude studded bustier crop top with a mauve jacket and shorts. She wore a mesmerizingly beautiful baguette style ring and a hand cuff with Amethysts & Citrines with beautifully etched out ‘Mohini’ sculptures in metal. The jewellery pieces add a subtle yet lasting charm to the overall look and is perfect for a music festival or for days when you simply need a little bit of accessories on a plain outfit.


For the last and final look, Karishma decided to go for a day to night look in a classy yet casual black top and white jeans which is an extremely easy to style looks which will look different every time you wear it with different accessories. She styled this with the stunning 4 string citrine & amethyst ‘Devtanya’ necklace from Nine Vice’s first collection. This otherwise traditional South Indian neckpiece also have the ‘Mohini’ engraved within the colourful earthy stones. The colourful earrings inspired by the elaborate Venetian masks add a fresh pop of colour to the outfit. The look is perfect for a desk-to-drinks kinda Fridays at the office.


Grishma’s final look consisted of a navy crop top and green fringed skirt with a pair of simple drop earrings from Nine Vice’s first collection. The ‘Rati’ drop earrings in amethyst & citrine with the ‘Mohini’ figurines accentuated the otherwise plain outfit while keeping the outfit chic and chic, making it a perfect example of the phrase Less is More. This outfit is perfect for a work place event or a dinner date!


The stunning jewellery from Nine Vice is truly versatile and can be paired with anything and worn on any occasion which is its highest plus point. They also make great conversation starters as people are definitely going to be asking you about the unique design and use of colours. To place an order, visit Mojarto, World Art Community or Strand of Silk or call Anvita on 9920649875





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