Food Review: Grandmama’s Café

From the minute we first entered Grandmama’s café on a quiet Saturday morning, we were in love. The smell of fresh coffee, the slow jazz music that seemed to have a strangely therapeutic effect on an otherwise noisy outdoors, the white brick walls with beautiful frames, the small windows and old fashioned lace curtains and the quaint and comfy sofas all seemed to have a mesmerising effect on us like we were actually in a comforting dream; or in a chic little café in Paris. We took a good 2 minutes to take it all in; the lovely artefacts, the beautiful writings on the wall and of course, the tempting desserts (it is COMPLETELY acceptable to have desserts for breakfast. The French did it!) We loved every tiny detail that made this place feel less like a café and more like a lovely home. It was like entering a beautiful movie that quite literally took our breath away. So much so, that Karishma actually didn’t hate waking up early for breakfast for once and actually loved it. It was a stark contrast between the otherwise noisy outdoors (being close to the station and all) and the quiet and peaceful indoors. Everyone in the staff was extremely soft spoken and made us feel quiet at home. One of the many chains opened by the Pritam group of hotels, we decided to shoot at their first café in Dadar for a jewellery brand (you can read the post on Nine Vice here) as not only is it close to our homes but also because both of us are frequent visitors. Even though we’ve done a rather comfortable shoot for nightwear brands (you can see those here, here & here) this was by far our most tranquil-like shoots ever.

namaslay the blog- grandmama's cafenamaslay the blog- grandmama's cafenamaslay the blog- grandmama's cafe


 We loved every little attention to detail and the careful thought process behind the ambience and the vibe this place created. From colourfully tiled tables, the small selection of books over a small library to the beautiful showpieces and the calming mint green doors and window panes, the vibe felt soothing and almost familiar; like you were actually at a quaint little cottage in the country side. We recommend this place when you want to just relax over a cup of tea (Karishma suggests the Chamomile, Egyptian Mint or the Mandarin Orange & Jasmine Green Tea) with your book or kindle and want to leave your worries behind you while listening to classics such as Moonriver or La Vie En Rose and just need a day of calm and peace in the otherwise chaotic city!



Now comes the main part. The carefully curated menu caters to each and every person. From a rather inviting breakfast menu consisting of eggs, waffles, pancakes and everything in between to delightfully mouth watering Italian favourites, much loved American classics like burgers, an equally delicious selection of Indian food and Middle Eastern food to delectable desserts and refreshing drinks, it was quite difficult for us to just settle on one thing. By the time we were done shooting, we were quite hungry. Karishma opted for the absolutely divine Pesto Basilica and a cup of some much needed English Breakfast tea while Grishma opted for something from her all time favourite category, the Nutrition Power House salad. Even though she’s a hard core non vegetarian, she loved this jain salad. It was quiet filling so she warns you to come with an empty stomach. Our amazing photographer, Alan indulged in a Vanilla Pancakes, an incredible Caramel Frappe while our extremely talented make up artist, Niyati, opted for a jain version of the tomato basil risotto which was extremely delicious! Overall, we had such a lovely and hearty meal by the end of our shoot that we forgot how tired we were.

DSC_0699IMG_0794namaslay the blog- grandmama's cafe


Grandmama’s  café currently has 4 outlets in Mumbai: Dadar East, Juhu, Kemps Corner and Lower Parel.


An amazing breakfast/lunch costs approximately Rs. 1,200 or so for two, and a full tummy.


With so many chains opened up now, it’s very unlikely that you would or should miss having a meal here. Cooked and served with love, the name is apt for this place. Grandmama’s café has become not only our casual hangouts to catch up with our friends but also a place where we catch up on some peace and quiet. We definitely recommend you to go here when you want some alone time or have a big dinner with your friends or family and even for a date.



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