Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After

Many of you may already know that Namaslay’s very own Karishma Shah is tying the knot this year! So we decided to take our girl to Jaipur for a royal bachelorette  getaway! (full travel story coming up soon)! Continue reading


Food Review : La Folie Lab

La Folie has been known for creating, crafting and curating a sensorial experience like nothing else. So we had sky high expectations when we decided to hop, skip and jump to La Folie Lab one Saturday Morning for some Brekky.  Keep on reading to know our thoughts. Continue reading

The Ultimate All Natural Skin Care Edit

We’ve all been slaves to skin care products that promise to give us unbelievable results in an unreasonably short amount of time. We’ve also heard that the purer the product, the more long lasting are it’s effects on our skin, even if it takes slightly longer. We decided to try out some organic and natural products available in the market and put this theory to test. Considering how many skin care products there are, it was slightly difficult to choose just one, which is why we decided to test out some of the best products from 3 brands that caught our attention. These products are pure, natural and organic, cater to just about every need and are great for the skin as well as the pocket. We’ve tried to cover as many products from these 3 companies as we could so there’s something for everyone. Here’s what we think about it. Continue reading