The Ultimate All Natural Skin Care Edit

We’ve all been slaves to skin care products that promise to give us unbelievable results in an unreasonably short amount of time. We’ve also heard that the purer the product, the more long lasting are it’s effects on our skin, even if it takes slightly longer. We decided to try out some organic and natural products available in the market and put this theory to test. Considering how many skin care products there are, it was slightly difficult to choose just one, which is why we decided to test out some of the best products from 3 brands that caught our attention. These products are pure, natural and organic, cater to just about every need and are great for the skin as well as the pocket. We’ve tried to cover as many products from these 3 companies as we could so there’s something for everyone. Here’s what we think about it.

#1 Kama Ayurveda:

It’s no secret that we’ve been in love with this brand and everything that they stand for since our very first shoot (you can see that here). The products we chose from here our the Rose & Jasmine Face Cleanser, Pure Rosewater Mist, the Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser and the Nalapamrudi Thailum Skin Brightening Treatment. Here’s what we thought about them:

Rose & Jasmine Face Cleanser: After we first shot this product almost a year ago, this has become a permanent part of our skin care routine due to it’s light and gentle effect that it has on our face. It not only smells amazing but is extremely refreshing and moisturising. It’s highly recommended for people with normal to dry skin but if you’re someone like Karishma who has oily skin, washing you face twice does the trick too. It leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and super soft!

Pure Rosewater Mist: #Blessed is what we feel when we spray this on ourselves on those hot sweaty days that seem to make us melt. This thoroughly refreshing mist leaves our skin feeling soft and lightly fragrant. This little mist not only does wonders to our skin and even keeps our make up in place when it’s hot outside so it’s a complete bonus for anyone who lives in a city like ours. Karishma even added this to DIY masks and it added to the benefits, leaving her skin squeaky clean, like she was seeing herself for the first time again!




Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser: If you have been looking for an all natural face cleanser, that actually delivers, look no further. One of the unique things about this face cleanser is that it’s in a powder form! All you have to do is add a little bit of water or rosewater and then wash your face as usual. It leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin since it’s natural and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Nalpamaradi Thailum Skin Brightening Regime: If you’re looking for that JLo glow, then this is the product for you ! This product is a leave on oil which contains turmeric as one of its main ingredients. Turmeric is known for skin brightening and anti septic properties in Ayurveda. All you have to do is apply this oil on a freshly washed clean face and leave it on for 24-30 mins then wash away to reveal healthy glowing tan free skin! Karishma swears on this as a part of her bridal beauty treatment as it helps remove tan and promotes skin radiance.




#2 WSA Essentials:

Like us, they too are the (somewhat) new kids on the block. You may have seen them at recent exhibitions with some really great range of essential oils, clays and soaps. What’s more is that all these products are made from ingredients that are locally sourced from farmers across the country and are so pure that you can almost instantly see the effect after your first use. Here’s what we got from them:

Indian Healing Clay: Commonly knows as bentonite clay, this clay is becoming increasingly popular for it’s healing and detoxifying properties. It’s known to heal skin conditions like eczema, acne, insect bites for starters. It can be used for facials, body wraps, in soaps and as masks for deep pore cleansing, We decided to mix this with rose water and tea tree oil for a oily skin mask (you can always use it with lavender or jojoba for dry skin) and left it for 15-20 mins. After removing it, our skin was softer and felt brighter than before and seemed to clean off all the dirt and oil.

Rosemary Oil: This strong oil is power packed with amazing benefits. From relieving stress and anxiety to curing muscle pains and aches, this oil is perfect for those long awaited baths after or before a trip or a much awaited massage after your first day at the gym. Karishma used this on the first night of her bachelorette for a calm, good nights sleep and to stop her body from hurting from all the dancing.IMG_0925 IMG_0927

Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal is becoming a cult favourite and how! Known for its detoxifying qualities, this clay has earned its rep for drawing out impurities. Having used products that contained activated charcoal we knew how amazing its results can be. This activated charcoal from WSA essentials can be used in a number of ways, you can add it to your face mask , make soaps with it , you can also make a number of detox drinks with it. Talk about an all rounder product that is completely worth spending on!

Hair Oil: First of all we absolutely loved the packaging of this product! The bottle has a good weight to it and has a luxurious feel to it. Since WSA essentials sources its materials from select farmers from all over India, they ensure that the products are made only from the most potent ingredients and this oil stands as evidence to that. Being a mix of a number of amazing herbs such as neem, bringhraj, tea tree, etc., This oil not only stops hair fall but also promotes hair growth, while keeping dandruff and other problems at bay. This oil is definitely an answer to all your hair worries!



#3 Tjori:

From over a 100 or so products to choose from, this website is a mini paradise for organic beauty lovers. Not just a beauty brand, Tjori also has clothes and amazing accessories to choose from. However, we decided to go for the beauty products. We chose 8 products from their organic line and here’s what we think of them:

Cleopatra Milk Bath: Karishma was waiting for a chance to use this milk bath which promises to nourish your skin. She finally got to soak in it during her bachelorette, in a lovely Turkish style bath tub that too! From the second you lay in, you feel like absolute royalty due to the dried rose petals and the soft fragrance. It’s recommended for 15 minutes or so but she definitely passed out for a longer time. It left her skin feeling softer than she could imagine and it was definitely worth the money.

Moringa Face Toner: This toner definitely is recommended for people with really oily skin. The process is simple: cleanse, tone, moisturise. This toner does this tingly thing which feels like its stinging but that means your pores are closing. Just don’t forget to moisturize.

Cherry Gel: This gel is for anyone who is scared of premature lines or just wants to give their skin a boost if moisture. The correct way to apply is is to dab your fingers first in rose water and then spread the gel evenly, massaging your face for a good 5 minutes. After massaging your face, you’ll notice your skin becoming brighter and softer. It’s highly recommended for people with oily skin as it’s water based but peeps with normal-dry skin, do not shy away from it!

Lemon Body Mist: Now most of us would be repulsed by even thinking about a spray with lemon, but don’t be fooled. This citrusy fragrance is perfect for mornings where you need an extra boost of energy (looking at you, Mondays) and generally lightening up your mood. It’s not very strong but unless your someone who only uses floral or musky perfumes, you may find this refreshingly different.


Agarwood Oudh Mist : Another mist from their wonderful selections, this mist is subtle and fresh. It’s the perfect mist that can be worn from day to night. If you’re someone who isn’t necessarily fond of all the citrus and floral mists this one is for you!

Organic Sunscreen With SPF 50: This sunscreen is definitely a game changer. It’s super light and has a cooling effect as opposed to being oily. Not only that, this sunscreen also wears beautifully under makeup which is always a plus. It’s all natural formula makes it your perfect sunscreen soulmate.

Peppermint Foot Scrub: If you’re too lazy to go to the salon for your regular pedicures or don’t believe in spending a ton of money on them, then grab this product is your go-to and one time investment in getting perfectly clean and relaxed feet. This scrub effectively removes dead skin and the peppermint provides a fa relaxing and fresh feel.

Mint & Multani Mitti Face Mask: This mask is the ultimate queen of face masks! The most commonly known mask in India, we all have heard of and tried it’s amazing benefits on the skin. The Multani mitti provides the much needed nourishment to your skin while drawing out oil and removing any sort of dullness. The mint adds a touch of rejuvenation by cooling your skin down, along with removing tan and ultimately, leaves you feeling minty fresh all day.






5 thoughts on “The Ultimate All Natural Skin Care Edit

  1. Chaahat says:

    I too was fascinated by the range of products that tjori had to offer but I went on to read a couple of reviews about the products that they have and almost all of them said that it’s a sheer waste of money.
    How good would you say their products are as my skin is super sensitive and wouldn’t want to try something that can cause allergic reactions.


    • namaslaytheblog says:

      Hello Chaahat!
      Thank you for your comment! To answer your query, since you have super sensitive skin, trying out new things can definitely be a hassle. In case you’re looking to buy from Tjori, our experience with their products was pretty good. Since Karishma too has sensitive skin, the toner and the cherry gel was really good. That said, everyones skin is different so what could be great for Grishma, doesnt always suit Karishma or vice versa. Our suggestion: Go for safer options like Kama Ayurveda where you can go to the store and physically try out the product. Let us know what you think!


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