Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After

Many of you may already know that Namaslay’s very own Karishma Shah is tying the knot this year! So we decided to take our girl to Jaipur for a royal bachelorette  getaway! (full travel story coming up soon)!

We are so excited to bring you this post as it not only allows us to share some amazing gifting ideas with you but also share a few personal tales which we rarely get to do.  

We surprised our little Bride to be with some amazing treasures which we were sure she would enjoy.  If someone you love is getting married and you are quite puzzled as to what to gift them, we have some ideas for you. But first, read this:

Tips To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Dream Bachelorette

Firstly, realise the fact that planning a bachelorette takes a lot of work. It isn’t going to be as easy as picking up the phone and telling everyone where you all are planning to go and how much is it coming upto and expecting everyone to say yes. Write down a lit of exactly who all you want to take. Do you want it to be a small group of just your extremely close friends? Or invite people who you hang out with everyday? Keep in mind that you don’t have to invite someone you don’t want. It’s your day with your close friends who actually want to be there and want you to have the best time.

As the bride, one of the most important and sometimes awkward conversations that you need to have with your bridesmaids is about money. Who is paying for who? Traditionally, if the bachelorette is in a night club or something your own city, the bridesmaids chip in for the bride but if you all will be travelling, everyone pays for themselves. Be clear about the budget and make sure everyone is in on it too but also keep in mind that there might be a slight up or down when you’re actually there so always keep a little more cash in handy. This happened to us due to GST.

Secondly, have a clear idea of where you all will be heading for the bachelorette. You don’t want to end up at another city and probably wear t-shirts that have “Mer-Maids” or “Aloha” written on them. Mostly people opt to go to party destinations like Goa, Phuket or Bali but we decided to go to Jaipur because it’s our brides favourite city and most of us hadn’t gone there. Plus, who doesn’t want to be treated and live like royalty in actual palaces? The hotel we chose was something that all of fell in love with instantly. It was one of most beautiful place we saw that was around our budget and the rooms were fab.

Lastly, make sure somebody takes charge of the bookings as if everyone does it separately, there’s bound to be a mis-communication. Let one person be in charge of stay, another for travel and someone else just for co-ordinating. Have someone who’s good at snooping (ahem, stalking) to figure out all the cool places to hang out.

Lastly, realise not to turn into a bride-zilla during all the planning. Everyone knows (especially Karishma) how much you want the bachelorette go exactly how you have planned on your pinterest board and want it to be perfect but realise that you’re going to be going there with your closest friends and it’s all about having fun. Keep an open mind and don’t be the obsessive planner who disregards everyone else’s feelings. 


Your no. 1 priority is to figure out exactly what your friend whose the bride likes. Is she sporty? Does she feel like she’s a Disney princess? Is she adventurous or just someone who loves to chill. Once you know that, gifting gets extremely easy. Here are a few ideas that you can use universally use.

Monogramed Initials

Monograms with the Bride and Groom’s first initial make such a sweet gift! They serve as a reminder of how their names are going to be joint from here on and their new life together as a couple. The colour scheme too is important. We got them in 2 different but the same colours as both of them are extremely different yet similar in their own way. They also make for great decor pieces as they add that personal touch to your space. We got these monograms from Pop Goes The Art. There are a number of options to choose from including Monograms that light up! These monograms are the perfect gift for any occasion be it an anniversary, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc. 



Every bride dreams of having smooth glowing skin for her big day. To achieve that ethereal glow its important you start taking care of your skin months in advance. So getting some skincare for the bride to be is definitely a good idea. We opted for these amazing products from Kama Ayurveda that include an all natural sun screen, soap and bath salts to make sure that the bride feels taken care of and relaxed. We filled the bath tub with bath salts and warm water so Karishma could settle down and just relax a night before we left and she felt great!

Silky Pajamas 

Silk night wear is a great alternative to gifting lingerie to a future bride. Firstly, because its easier to pick out night wear over lingerie so she will surely get a lot of use out of it which may not be the case with lingerie if its not her taste or fits funny. Karishma is a self-proclaimed lazy girl and someone who spends most of her time sleeping. She chills only in her night suits until she has to go out, so this seemed like the perfect gift for her! We found this amazing silk pyjama set on Pretty Secrets! 

FullSizeRender 2

Sash and Tiara 

No Bachlorette can be complete without a Bride to Be Sash and a Tiara to make your bride feel like the queen she is! We opted for this uber chic black sash and a very dainty diamond tiara.


Balloons, Balloons and More Balloons

Presentation is everything! Make sure that there are lots of balloons accompanying the gifts or you could also send a nice bouquet of flowers or her favorite box of chocolates !


Let Them Eat Cake

No celebration can be complete without some yummy cake. We also wrote some heartfelt messages and displayed it around the cake.


Apart from this, you can gift your bride a flask if there’s going to be a lot of drinking involved or a stationery kit if she loves writing. All you have to do is put your mind into it and figure something that is not only cute but helps her use it in real life too.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

As a bride, you would want to thank your bridesmaids by showering them with gifts. Whether you want to get personalised gifts or something similar for all of you, read on to know what Karishma gifted her Bridesmaids. As a sucker for DIY’s, Karishma not only got a few gifts but even went the extra mile and handmade a few. Not into DIY? No worries! We’ve still got you covered. Karishma’s theme was Black & Hologrammed so all the gifts were perfectly co-ordinated to the theme.

karishma's bachelorette- Namaslay


Karishma designed a invite for all her bridesmaids that specified the location and gave a general idea about the theme. Inside each card was a beautifully hand written note about her friendship with the bridesmaid. It added a personal touch and Karishma is absolutely certain there was a big ‘Aww’ and few tears that followed.


Matching Tees

If your’e planning a little bachelorette getaway, getting matching t-shirts  is a great ideas. You can have the t-shirts customized to say something meaningful or funny. They also look super cute in pictures! We opted for getting these matching Bride/Squad T-shits that Karishma customized herself by learning gold foiling. She decided to do it on black t-shirts but you can choose any colour or design. Other things you can write are: Bride/ Bridesmaid, Bride/ Mer-Maid, Drunk In love (for Bride)/ Just Drunk (for bridesmaids), etc.


Matching Pouches

Karisma knows how much each of her bridesmaids loves make up so she decided to make matching black & gold pouches that she made by hand (yes, they are hand stitched!). They all have “SQUAD” written on the front with gold foil and #KS’sPartyMonsters written on the back. Most of the gifts fit in it and her bridesmaids still use this. They might not be extremely perfect but it does show that you went that extra mile but you can always get them customised from some amazing stores online.


Skin Care

Considering you’re going to be getting some down-time, let your bridesmaids follow too! Karishma gifted her bridesmaid a handmade bar of soap, a handmade lotion (that she made herself) and a bath bomb so everyone can feel and look relaxed. She also got a face mask for each one according to their skin type from The Face Shop.

karishma's bachelorette- Namaslay

Hologram Bags

Karishma absolutely fell in love with these hologrammed bags from Mango People and got 2 different kinds and colours for the bridesmaids, keeping their personalities in mind. They all absolutely loved it! In case you want more gifting ideas, check out mango people’s website as there’s something for everyone. We used these bags almost everyday and in almost every shoot because they are so amazing!


Matching Batches

Karishma made matching cloth batched for her bridesmaids and one for herself for when they were travelling.

FullSizeRender 2IMG_1999

Other gifts you can gift your bridesmaids are matching swimsuits for a tropical themed bachelorette or monogrammed wine glasses, etc.

The Outcome- A Happy Bride


Hope this post was helpful and it’ll ease some of your gifting woes. Until next time xoxo.





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