Lush Life ft. Spoil Your Body

Ever since we’ve started this blog, we’ve been scouring around for the best of organic skin products. We never knew that there would be so many amazing brands to choose from! We’ve absolutely fallen in love with Spoil Your Body and had to write about them! You know that feeling when you smell your favourite cream or bath wash and get instantly transported back home or to your favourite vacation? Because ever since we’ve gotten this brand’s home made organic products, we’ve felt like we’ve been on a constant vacation either in a luxurious villa on lavender fields in South of France or an exotic island in the Caribbeans!

Say hello to a brand which has quickly & undisputedly become one of our favourite bath & body brand. Spoil your body makes organic skin care products that include too good to be true scrubsheaven sent body butters , out of this world fairy bath dusts & magical bath bombs ! We know we used a lot of adjectives but trust us when we say that all their products deserve much more adjectives, since these beautiful products are genuinely so good! We tested out some of them and boy, were we impressed! Read on to see what we felt!

Flawless Bath Bomb:


Bath bombs have been termed the epitome of luxury for us normal peeps and for good reason! Ever since Lush ones became so popular (and expensive!), everyone’s been going crazy about them. However, no matter how obsessed some of us are with bath bombs (ahem, Karishma), it has been quite difficult to find one that isn’t only amazingly colourful but also doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. The ones at Spoil Your Body not only smell insane insane, but are also priced reasonably at Rs. 325/- and have 10 flavours! Karishma got the ‘flawless’ one which has a fresh aquatic fragrance that will have you dreaming of chilling at a beautiful beach with a piña colada in hand! After a long luxurious bath, Karishma’s skin was left smelling amazing and feeling soft & supple. Perfect way to re-live your exotic island vacay!

Place it reminds us of: Luxury suites at Bora Bora

Unicorn Dust Fairy Bath Dusts: 

Spoil your body now namaslay

First of all, how cute is the name? How can you not buy something that is basically fairy bath dust?! We were so intrigued that we HAD to try these. Bath dusts are a blend of natural skin-conditioning ingredients like epsom salts, sea salts, bath salts and therapeutic oils that keep your skin soft & make you feel oh – so – relaxed and fresh. The salt & oil combination turns your bath water into a psychedelic blend of colours and scents which helps relieve stress as you soak your troubles away. They come in a variety of flavours but this one is their best seller! Unicorn Kisses smells like a tropical blend of exotic fruits and has a rejuvenating smell! A bottle of this is for Rs. 700/- and is perfect for de-stressing on a tired day or simply when you feel the need to be pampered!

Place it reminds us of: Tropical Jungle Retreats in Africa

Coconut Vanilla Scrub:

a gift (1)

Theres no doubt that Coconut and Vanilla is a match made in heaven. This face+body scrub is all you need if you share Grishma’s aim in life to smell like a yummy dessert at all times. Not only does it scrub away dead skin but leaves your skin feeling hydrated and supple. It comes in the cutest packaging, making it a perfect gift for anyone obsessed with skincare. Adding this item to your bath time routine will definitely help you start your day on a delicious and luxurious note. Cupcake Princess Vibes Forever.

Place it reminds us of: Sea side decks in Cancun with a piña colada in hand!

Lavender Body Butter: 


We saved the last for the best! However, this was the first thing we chose! Karishma chose the ‘Hello Beautiful’ body butter which is fragrant lavender & Grishma chose ‘Summer Forever’ which is apple & dewberry & also their best seller. There are other flavours too like vanilla, pineapple, green bamboo & osmanthus. Lavender happens to be Karishma’s favourite scent (she has 3 bottles of lavender essential oils on her, a lavender sleeping mist and lavender bath wash & now body butter). If she could, she could be surrounded by & live at lavender fields, forever. Priced at Rs. 680/- , the lavender body butter promised to heal skin, soothe tired muscles and help speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns & sunburns. Not only did it do that, the ultra rich, quick absorb body butter made skin noticeably softer & also had a lullaby effect. It became the perfect night time pre-sleep ritual as it has such a soothing smell that you’re going to be asleep in a matter of seconds!

Place it reminds us of: Cosy cottages in South of France, amidst lavender fields.


All in all, we have fallen in love with this brand as all their products have delivered a lot more that promised and is quite reasonable. In April, they are going to be coming out with a lot more products and we can’t wait to get our hands on them!



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