Heavenly ft. Bombay Perfumery

The one thing that truly no person can (or should) live without is perfumes! Almost everyone we know has a signature fragrance and there’s actually a very good reason why you should have one too. Did you know that out of all our senses -taste, sight, touch, smell and sound – your olfactory senses, i.e. your sense of smell, is the strongest.Have you noticed that a certain smell has the ability to make us travel in time and place, stirring up a certain memory from our childhood or other memories from our life. Sometimes, these “smell memories” might even outlast memories involving other senses. Trust us when we say we’ve done our research and have enough proof as to why this is true. It’s because of evolution and the fact that in many animal species, smell can play a critical role in finding a mate, communicating  or finding food. That is why it is one of the the first senses to evolve and therefore, is the strongest. So when we smell something familiar, like a perfume or even food, it brings back a lot of strong memories. When Karishma smells a Dove bar, it automatically reminds her of when she was 4 or 5 years old and her mum giving her a bath before school at 7 in the morning, while Karishma was usually half asleep. Or when we smell hot pakodas, it reminds us of having them on a family vacay on a hill station during the rains. This is probably why everyone has a so-called signature fragrance; so that it reminds you only of them.

But then again, like our make up & clothing style, most of us switch our perfumes too and have a particular scent for each occasion or mood. For example, in our previous post, we mentioned that Karishma loves lavender and Grishma loves a good floral and fruity mix, but that doesn’t stop us from exploring other fragrances! So we’re here to help you find the perfect perfume for you or just a few unique ones to add to your collection.


How To Choose A Scent

Finding a good perfume that is YOU is deeply personal. The right fragrance can elevate your mood, boost your confidence and draw others in. Usually, when it comes to buying a perfume, it all depends on our mood and also a lot of other factors. Its always nice to have various perfumes from different fragrance families to switch up your signature scent according to season, occasion, or mood that day! We usually go for a flirty floral and sweet for daytime, and a sexy oriental or spicy scent for date night. Karishma swears by using a fresh marine while travelling, a spicy, woody blend while partying and a musky in all perfumes whereas Grishma needs to smell like a bouquet at all times! So when we stumbled upon Bombay Perfumery, we had to try them out! With unique scents for both men & women, we tested them out and here’s why we think you NEED them in your collection! Now answer truthfully. When it comes to choosing a new perfume, do you

a) Choose one because the bottle will make pretty Instagram pictures

b) Make your decision based solely on how unique the scent is

c) all of the above?

 … you need to add this unique perfumes to your collection. They’ve nailed it with these super chic origami like boxes that open up to beautiful images that induce the mood the perfume has (the details on each box are different depending on which one you choose). It’s the most photogenic fragrance we’ve seen in a long time.
… and you like a particular scent family, then you will also love the selections they have. They have one for every family; spicy, woody, musk, floral, citrus, leather, amber & marine! All of them are truly one of a kind and have the right amount of depth to make it perfect for any occasion – whether you’re headed to the beach or the boardroom.
Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 4.06.17 PM
… it ticks all the boxes. You definitely need it!
 40fa2bbf-8f8e-4857-a7c8-b34dd0ba12e1They have various perfumes depending one which fragrance family you like.

AMBER: Comforting and warm, amber provides a beautiful base for many fragrances; it is sweet, resinous, and woody. If this what your most attracted to, swipe right for: Sulawesi. 

WOODY: Warm and complex, woody notes can evoke the earthy richness of a forest or the dry opulence of exotic wood.  If this what your most attracted to, swipe right for: 1020This unisex perfume has become Karishma’s husband go-to fragrance for a night out with friends!


CITRUS: Zesty & tangy, citrus scents are often refreshingly tart or deliciously sweet and mimic the scent of either the juice, zest or blossom of fruit such as lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin and grapefruit.. If this what your most attracted to, swipe right for: Les Cayes.

FLORAL: Romantic and feminine, floral fragrances are eternally popular. They are either a blend of a beautiful bouquet or only a single one, and can be fresh, soft, or sweet. Think roses, violets, jasmines. If this what your most attracted to, swipe right for: Madurai TalkiesGrishma fell in love with this beautiful floral perfume at first spray!


ORIENTAL: Warm, spicy, and sensuous, oriental fragrances feature intensely rich blends of exotic woods, resins, flowers, and spices.  If this what your most attracted to, swipe right for: Calicut.

LEATHER: Smoky & sexy, the distinct smell of leather combined with hints of floral, musky, is primal and sensual. If this what your most attracted to, swipe right for: MoiréKarishma’s new favourite fragrance is this sexy little number!



MUSK: Earthy & animalistic, musk is an essence that adds warmth and sensuality to any fragrance. This particular fragrance is reminiscent of rainy days while drinking warm sweet tea! If this what your most attracted to, swipe right for: Chai Musk.

MARINE: Cool & fresh, marine notes are awash with crisp, clean ‘outdoorsy’ notes, and infused with earthy vanilla and oak moss. this fragrance conjures up memories of sun drenched days by the sea! If this what your most attracted to, swipe right for: Seven Islands. Grishma tried this and is definitely planning a holiday by the beach!



All in all, we fell in love with all the different compositions & combinations that Bombay Perfumery has to offer and even though it’s slightly on the higher end, it is definitely worth the splurge. The perfume lingers on for a long time after we applied it too! Tell us which one would you be most excited to get!



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