Food Review: Bombay Brasserie

Last month, on a sunny and cacophonous morning in the chaotic city, we found ourselves entering what seemed like an oasis of peace, calm and greenery. We could hardly believe our eyes or our ears when we entered the brasserie named after the city.  Once an old haunt, Bombay Brasserie, situated at Worli, was love at first sight. We could hardly wait to try out the food.  Keep on reading to know our thoughts.






As soon as you walk in, you’ll be dumbfounded by how serene this place looks. After admiring the restaurant with our mouths open, the staff told us that the interiors were done by Payal Khanna. As soon as you enter the restaurant, the city noise seems to fade away, and you’re surrounded by fresh green plants and bright furniture, instilling a sense of calm and freshness. As soon as you enter through the glass doors, the first thing you notice is the marble bar with high chairs and 4 different sections, all having distinctive colours and vibes but are yet somehow similar. The first one, which is the biggest one is bright and spacious with round table seatings perfect for a quick lunch. The second one on the top left, is a slightly smaller yet cosy place perfect for reading on a lazy morning while enjoying breakfast. The third one, in the middle, is this dark green room with just 2 round tables for an intimate night out with your friends where you couldn’t be bothered by other people. The last one and also our favourite is the chef’s table, which is perfect for a famjam. All the sections are colourful and are filled with interesting pieces of decor like filament bulbs, brass pipes, warm lighting, colourful art work and interesting cutlery. All of these sections are a perfect juxtaposition of old world charm and modern minimalism and we love the attention to detail. There is also a chai station as soon as you enter which is just adorable! We loved how silent and peaceful it was even though it’s in one of the most noisy areas.


Apart from that, Bombay Brasserie had some of the sweetest staff we’ve ever met and that just made our day. The food promises to bring rich flavours of India mixed with unique ingredients to create something old yet new and they did just that. They took something boring and done, and experimented and perfected it to give it a brand new taste and feel, while preserving it’s rich flavour.









They took something boring and done, and experimented and perfected it to give it a brand new taste and feel, while preserving it’s rich flavour.

  1. Chilli Cheese Kulcha : Perfect for a starter that is not too heavy or not too light, the chilli cheese kulcha is a desi twist to the chilli cheese toast. Filled with cheese, we felt like we were kids again while we gobbled up these mini kulchas. Perfect for cheese lovers and for days where you need a little comfort food. 
  2. Coast to Coast :  Simply put, this dish is Konkan on a plate. If you are a fan of spicy malwani curries this one is for you. It’s a thick curry that is served with crispy roti making it a wholesome and filling dish.
  3.  Irani Kheema Maska Pao:  A twist on the classic Iranian dish kheema pao, where the maska paos are stuffed with the deliciously made kheema. This one is a must try for all the Iranian food lovers out there.
  4. Anglo Indian Bread Pudding:This one will make you reminisce your childhood days. The perfect traditional bread putting that will cure your nostalgia. Simply put, Yummy in your tummy! 
  5. Amritsari Kulfa : This dish is a show stopper! It comes enveloped in a fog to reveal a Kulfi and creamy rabdi served on top of a phirni base. Totally worth cheating on your diet for.



Bombay Brasserie home delivery is available on Swiggy and Zomato Order. 


Bombay Brasserie currently has 1 outlet in Mumbai (Worli) and has another one opening soon at Kalaghoda. 

Other Cities:

Bangalore: 2 outlets ; Chennai: 2 outlets ; Pune: 1 outlet ; Delhi: 1 outlet ; Kolkata: 1 outlet 


 Approximately Rs. 1,200-1,500/- for two, and a full tummy.


We definitely recommend you to check it out if you haven’t already. The food is to die for and the experience and service is on point! Namaslay approved!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Namaslay team
LOCATION: Bombay Brasserie

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