Flora. ( our take on easy skincare for fast paced millennials)


This story was inspired by Flora , Roman Goddess of flowers and of the season of spring. She is also well known as a Goddess of fertility and youth. As much as we would love to believe that Goddess Flora may smile upon us and bless us with everlasting youth , we aren’t really holding our breath on that.

We as millennials are so focused on being Instagram ready all the time, so we cake on tons of makeup and fake the hashtag : #nofilerneeded . Don’t get us wrong, we love getting beat for the gods but we often disregard what we are really doing to our skin in that process. The layers of makeup + lack of sleep + lack of diet & exercise has made us a generation that is physically and mentally a little lost.  All we say is take a little breather and give back to your skin. Artists believe that a clean canvas is all you need to create a masterpiece, the same stands true when it comes to skincare. 

Recently we tried on a few skincare products from Kama Ayurveda with the intention of feeding our skin what it really needed and undoing all the harm our fast paced lifestyles inflicted on it. We wanted to set up a routine of using products with only pure, organic and Ayurvedic ingredients therefore Kama Ayurveda was the natural fit. We tried these products for a few weeks and here are our thoughts…



Sensitive skin cleansing foam:
Sensitive skin can be tricky to care for. When it comes to sensitive skin, finding a face wash that actually balances out the oils and keeps dryness at bay is tough to come by. Luckily someone up there heard us and gave us the answers to all our sensitive skin woes. From providing intense moisture and comforting inflamed skin to keeping excess oils and dryness at bay, all the while keeping skin fresh and comfy all day long, this face wash does it all. This face foam has pure sandalwood oil, calendula and cold pressed aloe Vera juice. Since it’s a foam, these skin soothing ingredients get absorbed quickly to help retain freshness and moisture all day long!
Pro tip: use this to remove all signs of stress after a long day to keep your skin feeling fresh and helping it rejevunate while you sleep.


Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub:

Talk about a miracle product! Not only does this scrub help you to get rid or dead cells and unclog your pores but it also helps illuminate your complexion and smooth fine lines while encouraging skin cell growth. Its formula is rich in Vitamin E & D so this product can be considered a superfood for your skin. Using this a couple times a week has shown tremendous results and helped us achieve that glow from within that no highlighter can duplicate.


Organic cold pressed sweet almond oil:

Working late nights and partying on the weekends is the norm for most of us . This cold pressed sweet almond oil has your back. While you are out chasing your dreams , it will protect our hair from dryness and also your skin from sun damage. It also serves as an amazing travel essential giving you your very own spa experience with just a few magic drops.
Pro tip: use this for those pesky under eye bags after a hectic night or after those late nights spent texting your crush till early mornings!


Sensitive Skin Day Cream:

If you have been on the hunt for a gentle day cream look no further. Enriched with calendula and sandalwood oil it preps your skin for the day ahead. Its light and sits on your skin beautifully. It also works wonderfully under makeup which is always a plus. Its very important to create a barrier between your skin and makeup and this cream is perfect for that. The sandalwood calms the skin and helps you start the day on a zen note.


Rejuvenating and brightening Ayurvedic night cream:
We get it, we all grow old faster than we expect and none of us can look as good as we did when we were 21. Unless, you start taking care of your skin sooner. We all think we need anti aging creams when we are 40 plus but that’s not true. Because of our hectic lives spent glued to the screen and pollutants in our environment, our skin needs extra care to help delay the signs of aging. This night cream is the perfect end to our day as not only does it delay the aging process but also provides deep tissue detoxing, lightens spots, soothes dryness and helps generate fresh skin cells; all while we’re sleeping! Did you know your skin heals itself at night while you’re sleeping? So why not give it extra help with this night cream!
Pro tip: Start a daily routine to take care of your skin by starting your day with the Kama Face Foam and Day Cream to strengthens and protects and ending your night with the Face Foam and Night Cream to help you get your freshest skin!


Pure Rosewater:

This one is our absolute tried and true. Both of us have been using this product since years now and it never disappoints. Its perfect to carry on in your purse to refresh your skin when you feel dryness. It also works as a toner and balances your skin after you’ve washed your face. You can also wet cotton pads with it and rest them on your eyes after a tiring day. The possibilities with this product are endless and we highly recommend picking this one up.


Hope this posts inspires you to be more mindful towards your skin and feed it the very best. The body is a wonderful machine that gives you more than what you give it so keep that in mind next time you skip taking off your makeup before bed or forget to take two minutes from your day to apply sunscreen/moisturizer. Love your skin and it will love you back!

Conceptualisation, Styling, Direction, Editing : Grishma Dalvi
Portrait/ Floral Shots : Neeti Dalvi & Irtyu 
Product Shots: Karishma Doshi

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