About Us

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Karishma Shah

Part time stylist Karishma Shah’s other occupation is being the sleepiest girl in the world. Apart from being a self proclaimed funny girl, Karishma’s hobbies include being late to everything, watching horror movies and KUWTK a little more than required, petting random dogs and thinking of comebacks for every short joke thrown at her.

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Grishma Dalvi 

Grishma’s mornings begin chanting Beyoncé’s “FLAWLESS” When she’s not drowning in law books, she spends her day being an “advocate for style”. Contouring is her religion. She spent her previous life being a warrior princess and has established that the gym is her one true Bae. Her love for all things fashion is comparable to the love Kanye has for Kanye.

The objective of our blog is to bring the SLAY factor into everyday life and explore everything from photography and fashion and everything in the middle. It’s meant to take fashion, which is often considered superficial and transcend it to empower women to be a boss bi*ch and bring out their inner Beyoncé.