Twinning in Shoonya

We’ve never been the most “traditional” duo. We both love experimental pieces and something we can make our own. So stocking our wardrobe with the right kind of festive/occasion wear pieces has always been a struggle until we found Shoonya. We loved how they weave together traditional fabrics and contemporary workmanship  to create the perfect, oh so stylish concoction.  We’re so trilled to showcase some of their pieces and share how we styled them. Continue reading


Bauble Head ft. Nine Vice

The fact that jewellery & accessories are a girl’s best friend is seriously under rated. It can make or break an outfit while building up your confidence and subliminally expressing your personality. We decided to test this out for this shoot. Continue reading

Sleeping Beaut(ies) ft. Pink Elephant

It’s not really a secret that both of us absolutely love sleeping. We’ve mentioned in our previous posts how much Karishma can sleep and how precious Grishma’s beauty sleep is to her. Naturally, we try do abide by Bey’s words, “I woke up like this!” and look absolutely flawless in the morning. If not all the way, then at least we have our luxe night suits like these from Pink Elephant. Continue reading

Tale As Old As Time ft. Hidesign

Disney has been a part of our lives since forever. The characters, the faraway lands, the princesses, their adventures, the nostalgic movies and Disney World have always been fascinating and a constant part of our life. Even today, we still watch every Disney flick that comes out. After what seemed like eternity, The Beauty & The Beast finally came out, with Emma Watson as Belle, Karishma jumped like a 5 year old who’s favourite Disney princess had actually come to life. So when we saw that Hidesign and Disney India had launched the ‘Enchanted’ collection paying homage to the movie, we allowed ourselves to sing, ‘Tale As Old As Time’. Continue reading

Weekend Vibes Ft. Istri #OOTD

If there’s one thing we absolutely look forward to everyday; like everyone else, it would have to be the weekend! There’s no doubt that that’s the only time in the week where we get to laze around in the day and look like a drug dealer or dress the f up (make up, blow dry; the whole 9 nine yards) and look like we have been invited to some fancy restaurant opening. We’ve lived and gotten acquainted with both these parts, have an entire routine and scheduled planned on how long it takes for us from start to finish (Karishma takes a record breaking 15 minutes to get ready, with make up!). Yet however, we reach for the same old boring dress that we have worn to death. We decided it was time to change this and take it up a notch. Continue reading

Summer Styling: Casual Sunday Vibes

We’ve seen them on every fashion influencer and street style gurus, on runways and on jet setting models. It has become an essential airport/model off-duty piece. We’ve cashed out our savings to buy a pair & fit in with the cool kids but have also dealt with criticism from annoying relatives who have said “Iske liye itne paise? Main toh free main karke deti lol!”. We’ve also definitely not found that remotely funny but often stopped to actually think why a single tattered pair of denims that sometimes looks like it was found in a really old closet can be that expensive. Continue reading