Namaslay Approved Secret Santa Gifting Guide

Secret Santa Just Got Easier!

Deck the halls! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is just around the corner and we can’t stop listening to Christmas songs or drinking hot chocolate! The excitement and the slight chill in the air is overwhelming and has a magical effect! With Christmas, comes the joy of gifting. While receiving gifts is pretty amazing, giving is often confusing and downright daunting especially with limited time and a budget. So this year, we decided to hunt for some really cute and quirky gifts under Rs.1,500 keeping all our friends and their personalities in mind. Continue reading


Food Review: Lady Baga


A few weeks earlier, on a rather dull, grey and gloomy rainy afternoon in the chaotic city, we found ourselves outside Lady Baga. The bright and colourful decor and 70s classics were a stark contrast to the gloomy weather outside. Keep on reading to know our thoughts. Continue reading

Food Review: Bombay Brasserie

Last month, on a sunny and cacophonous morning in the chaotic city, we found ourselves entering what seemed like an oasis of peace, calm and greenery. We could hardly believe our eyes or our ears when we entered the brasserie named after the city.  Once an old haunt, Bombay Brasserie, situated at Worli, was love at first sight. We could hardly wait to try out the food.  Keep on reading to know our thoughts. Continue reading

Your Guide To Making & Keeping A Realistic New Year Resolution

Firstly, Happy New Year #SlayFam. As I’m writing this, we turned 14K! YAYAYAY! Thank you for your immense support and love and for making our dream a reality. Exactly a year ago, we launched our blog and within a year, how we’ve changed! It’s been one hell of a ride and we still have a long, long way to go!

So considering we just turned 1, we decided to retrospect the year gone by. Last year at about the same time, both of us made new year resolutions. Let us tell you that the unrealistic resolutions failed miserably.  So this time, we decided to make resolutions that will stick. Anytime anyone says the words, “New Year Resolution”, we automatically assume it would be going to the gym or starting a diet. So on every 1st week of jan, the gyms are full and by the next week there’s that 1 dedicated person and their trainer. So sure, go ahead and make a plan to finally hit the gym and let us know if it sticks (AND how you managed to do it!), and if it doesn’t, here are a few realistic things to try instead. Continue reading

Food Review: Grandmama’s Café

From the minute we first entered Grandmama’s café on a quiet Saturday morning, we were in love. The smell of fresh coffee, the slow jazz music that seemed to have a strangely therapeutic effect on an otherwise noisy outdoors, the white brick walls with beautiful frames, the small windows and old fashioned lace curtains and the quaint and comfy sofas all seemed to have a mesmerising effect on us like we were actually in a comforting dream; or in a chic little café in Paris. Continue reading

Rapunzel Vibes ft. Vanity Cask

Maintaining and taming our manes has always been a priority to us at NamaSlay. We know how upset someone gets when somebody feels its their job to tell how dull your hair looks, how thin it has become, why we decided to cut/colour our hair and that it was much better earlier or which shampoo to use. We also know how you feel when these things are actually true. But the one thing that we all have probably regretted the most is the amount of money we have spent on buying an expensive hair products without trying it first and have it not workout for us (goodbye savings!). What if we tell you there’s a better way out of this? Because there is. Continue reading

Love Is In The Air

Your Ultimate Last-Minute Guide To Gifting This Valentine’s Day.

Every year during the month of February there seems to be lightness in the air. Everyone becomes extra sweet. There’s a slight bounce in your step. Roses seem redder. Even that f boy seems to be nice to you. And you know exactly why. With valentine’s day just around the corner, even though that one feminist type friend or the hipster friend you have will be celebrating valentine’s day in their own special way by throwing an Anti Valentine’s Day party.

However, if you are one of those who is head over heels with their SO and has still not really decided what to gift them, here are a few of our picks for every type of person! Continue reading