Twinning in Shoonya

We’ve never been the most “traditional” duo. We both love experimental pieces and something we can make our own. So stocking our wardrobe with the right kind of festive/occasion wear pieces has always been a struggle until we found Shoonya. We loved how they weave together traditional fabrics and contemporary workmanship  to create the perfect, oh so stylish concoction.  We’re so trilled to showcase some of their pieces and share how we styled them.

Fringe Fever:

Banarasi Dupattas with fringe detailing has almost never been heard of. Style it with a solid Kurta or pair with a jacket while draping it around your neck during winter to add oomph and warmth. Fashion and function can go together! who knew!?

Saree Love:

We love banarasi sarees but if you’re anything below 30 they tend to age you. We love the ones created by Shoonya because of their fun contemporary detailing and light feel. Stack your favorite oxidized necklaces and drape them over pants to keep things casual.


Turn up at the Soiree:

If you’ve been battling outfit ideas for the next family soiree or engagement party, look no further. Jazz up your salwar suits with these beautiful dupattas with gold embroidery. They also pair beautifully with a western monochrome ensemble.


Floral Power:

Add some romance and charm to your outfit with these banarasi dupattas with floral detailing. If you’re on the hunt for something absolutely unique, we recommend picking this up for sure.

Pastels for the win:

If you love pastels we definitely recommended picking up duppatas from Shoonya’s gelato collection. Colorful, fresh and yummy! What else can one ask for!?


Spilling the details:

All of their pieces are crafted with so much love and beautiful details. We couldn’t help but share some detail shots!


Location Courtesy: Lady Baga, Mumbai
Photography : Kartik Kundar
Featuring: House of Shoonya



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